International Organization For Dew Utilization

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Objectives :

The purpose of OPUR association is to promote and support activities related to the formation and collection of atmospheric dew as an alternate additional source of water. The activities concern the scientific and technical aspects of dew collection. The Association supports artistic and literary actions related to dew.
The Association works in collaboration with various well-known scientific and artistic centers.
The Association has foreign correspondents from various international research organizations.

OPUR endeavors to :

- support and coordinate projects related to the production of alternate sources of water
- cooperate with countries or regions with water shortages (arid areas, islands, etc.) where dew collection can supplement existing sources
- communicate with medias
- serve as an information center on dew
- support of any scientific or educational activity related to dew within colleges and high scools

International Organization For Dew Utilization  
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