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Since the beginning of its existence, our Association cooperates with various French and international scientific centers, and various public organizations. We are known in the scientific world, and participate in various scientific conferences. We have already published many articles in the French and international press.

Surf our partners sites:

Site of CEA (France)

Site of ICMCB (France)

Site of CNRS (France)

Site of ESPCI (France)

Site of Wageningen University (Netherlands)

Site of Corsica University (France)

Site of the Arid Ecosystems Research Center (Israel)

Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (Croatia)

Site of IIMA (India)

Site of Ilustre Municipalidad de Combarbala (Chile)

Site of ArcoFluid (France)

Site of University of IBN ZOHR (Marocco)

Site of Institute of Chemistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere (Germany)

Site of Brandenburg Technical University (Germany)

Site of Palais de la Découverte (France)

Site of Regional Council of Limousin (France)

Site of University of French Polynesia (France)

The activity of the Association is not limited to science. As emphasized in our objectives, Art is welcome too. Within our Association, painters, sculptors and others artists find ideas or inspiration, and we invite you to discover one of them: OPUR's Artistic Actions

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