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1. Achievements:

1.1. Publication of a new book of our membre, philosopher Erik Orsenna :
"L'avenir de l'eau, petit précis de mondialisation"
, in French, Editions Fayard, 2008

1.2. Participation of one of our members, sculptor J.–P. Ruiz, in a exhibition of Environnemental Art Histoires d'eaux – Histoires d'art (Gréoux–les–Bains, France, 2008) (for more information)

1.3. Creation of the documentary devoted to the OPUR project in India Opur en Inde by our member, the film-maker Céline Eudier (for more information)

1.4. Creation of the documentary Opur in Morocco by Céline Eudier (for more information)

1.5. Participation of one of our members, sculptor Coralie Meyer, in a exhibition "Ecofuturiste" (Monaco, March - April 2008) with her sculptures relating to the dew and its place in the human conscience (for more information)

1.6. Participation of OPUR in the Cultural Event "Fibres and Colours" (May – September 2008) in the castle "Domaine de Lacroix Laval" (France) (for more information)

1.7. Publication of a book on our expedition in Crimea:
I. Mylymuk & D. Beysens, "A la poursuite des Fontaines Aériennes ou Les incroyables aventures de Français en Ukraine" ("Chase the Aerial Fountains or The incredible adventures of the Frenchs in Ukraine"). Edition "Book-e-book"

1.8. Participation in a Temporary Exhibition at the museum of Palais de la Découverte (Paris) "Un chercheur, une manip..." ("One researcher, one experiment...")
with our experimentation on dew: October 2005 - December 2005

1.9. Creation of the documentary movie "Opur ou la conquête de la rosée" ("Opur or the conquest of dew") by one of our members, the film-maker Céline Eudier.
The movie traces the history of OPUR ans its recent realizations (for more information)

1.10. Video "The Aerial Fountains of Feodosia" (2 versions: 13 min. and 26 min.; dubbed in French, English, Russian and Ukrainian)

1.11. TV transmission of the movie "The Aerial Fountains of Feodosia" in: France, Greece, USA, Canada, Ukraine and Russia

1.12. "The House of Awakening": a functional sculpture that collects dew ( for more information)

1.13. Artistic Dew Exhibition of J.-P. Ruiz and C. Peyronnet (St Setiers, France, July - August 2001) (for more information)

1.14. Dew paintings carried out at Correze by J.-P. Ruiz (for more information)

1.15. Book of Poems on Dew for the 3rd millennium (for more information)

1.16. Artistic Exhibition "Around the Dew": dew paintings, book and musical composition (Courcouronnes, France, May 2003) (for more information)

1.17. Participation in several TV and radio programs

1.18. Conferences (specialized and/or general public)

1.19. Publications in the international press

1.20. Translation of specialized literature



Coralie with Prince Albert during the exposure

Sculpture of OPUR in the castle of Lacroix Laval

Dew pictures by J.-P. Ruiz


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